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I love most bands so you never know that might pop up. Don't judge me on my first couple of pages as, much like different species of animals, different types of fandoms come out to blog at differnt times of the day. Radioheaders are mostly during the evenings whilst Radiohead are playing a set, Coldplayers are lunchtime to pre-eveningers, Blur are the kind that are out all hours but only blog in short bursts, and Beatlers are basically all the time, they will never sleep until it's the 60's again. Those are the dominant species on this here blog but other creatures do surface such as Bigbang and Shinee, so as I said before, you never know. I also have an art blog.
My art page is ever so taking off like a small pidgeon, but if you're interested I also write short stories on request. Art Blog last updated on 3.7.'14
Jun 8 '12
  • Dad: Are you downloading something in there?
  • Me: No, of course not.
  • Dad: Hmmm, well alright.
  • Me: *rushes into room*
  • Me: *closses all tabs (especially fan fic) but tumblr*
  • Me: *closes all music eventhough it's on the Media player*
  • Me: *refreshes Tunblr to cover all conversations and *Paul Porn'*
  • Me: *deletes history just incase*
  • Dad: *comes into room* Oh, well your not downloading anything, ok.
  • Me: *notices name of Paint document*
  • Me: *wishes I'd never been born*

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